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2018 Fashion Trends and Your Personal Brand

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2018 Fashion Trends and Considerations for Your Personal Brand

Shopping and styling for your Personal Brand, particularly for your Personal Fashion Brand (PFB) is an important undertaking. Particular emphasis is placed on our concept of the "Personal Fashion Brand" and your relationship to the latest fashion trends and styles. In this article we will explore the relationship between the current fashion trends in women's clothing and your personal fashion tastes and requirements.

In order to develop a back drop for trends and personal brand, let's review just a few of the major women's fashion trends being discussed for 2018.  The major fashion designers and brands have been showing their latest styles and major runway shows in Europe, Asia and America have kicked the year off for fashion. There are hundreds of articles published pointing out their views on the "latest fashion trends."

How do they know?

Let's step back for just a minute.  When you see the latest trends and fashions in print and TV media from the fashion shows, aren't we really seeing what the designers and labels "hope" will be a trend?  It's important to define "trend" as it relates to how current fashion promotions affect your buying decisions.  

A Trend is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary as "a prevailing or general movement or inclination."  As this relates to "fashion trends", a particular style being shown and promoted would have to be already a "prevailing" purchase" by the real market place and accepted as a "general movement."  Be assured that when a fashion show features a given top designers new styles for say 2108, they are definitely not a trend but merely a hopefull potential trend.

Add to this the collective wisdom of large stores and boutique, who begin early in the fashion season to "decide" what to offer for sale.  They have every motivation to be on the cutting edge of the latest fashions and make decisions as to "what they think will sell."  Certainly, you have to start somewhere.

What online and in community stores and boutiques are showing are the "latest or most recent fashion" they have selected to offer for sale.  They may or may not become trends.

New fashions become a trend when women say they are a trend by the momentum of their purchasing power.

2018 Fashion |  Four Women's Styles for Review

Let's explore 4 women's fashion styles being touted as "fashion trends" for 2018 and then discuss how these styles should be considered for each women's unique PFB (personal fashion brand).

The 2018 Puff Sleeve Dress

One of the styles being shown for 2018 is the women's puff sleeve dress.  In 2017 a number of dresses were sold with an "off-the shoulder" look.  One article for 2018 fashion went as far as to say that Off-the-shoulder is so last year." Really? Could this actually mean that they sold all the off-the-should dresses and now need to have something new to sell you?  

Here you can see a 2018 dress design with two new designs the puff-sleeve style and bold patterns. But is such a design right for you as a unique individual?

Patterns and Geometric Fashion Designs for 2018

In a previous article this year we began to cover the new fashion styles using patterns and geometric designs.  There most certainly are a number of women's styles of dress that will incorporate both.

Geometric Designs for Women's Clothing 

There was no shortage of new fashion styles shown in geometric patterns at the 2018 Fashion shows.  Shown were bold and in your face patterns and an array of colors. The breadth of designs does have the advantage of meeting the needs of a number of fashion brands...if it becomes a trend you can utilize.

 Jeans Jeans those Versatile Fashion Wonders

Jeans in women's fashion has become a notable staple in most wardrobes. Almost any age, any situation and any PFB (personal fashion brand) can adapt jeans as a look for many occasions.

As a fashion staple, jeans don't seem to really get old in a fashion sense.  The longer you own a style of jean that fits you, the more creative you can get with how to sylte it for your daily fashion needs. In addition, most jeans are very low maintenance and easily washable, or not, for repeated wear.

The very popularity of the jean in women's clothing generates we fashion styles by designers trying to find something new to sell you.

Exploring the Suitability of Fashion Trends for Your Fashion Look

Clearly, there are many so called "fashion trends" that are announced, promoted, worn by celebrity influencers at gala events and in the news.  But what does this mean for you?

The first area to explores before all else is "need."  Given your personal, professional and social activities, where do you have a need for a new garment?  Your need could be driven by a vacant spot for a dress in your wardrobe, a special event requiring something you do not have or need an update, or it could be the desire to have a new style because it clearly is a fit for your personal fashion brand.

Once you have defined the "need or want" factor, the next step is to seek out a fashion design that meets the need and your PFB colors and styling.

Let's look at each of our 4 "fashion trends" discussed here as if they represented a need or want that you have defined. Again, let's pretend you have defined each fashion as a need and are looking through the lens of your defined personal fashion brand.

Would you wear a Puff Sleeve dress?

You have determined that you need to add a dress for work or for an occasion.  You have read that "puff-sleeves" are a fashion trend this year.  Take a look below and try to imagine answering the question...'which dress is really for me?'

Exploring Geometric Designs for Women's Fashions

You have noticed in the magazines, on TV and in reviews of the early Fashion shows in Paris, Milan and New York the number of designs using a geometric pattern.  You have determined that you have a need to add to your active wear wardrobe.  Take a look at these active wear garments with geometric patterns representative of this design trend in the coming season.  Would any of these be a good look for you?

Patterns with Florals in Women's 2018 Fashion

The fashion shows and new designs are showing interesting patterns, particularly floral designs. Suppose you defined a need for a xxx, would the floral designs being shown in early 2018 be right for you?

The Magnificent Jean Style for Fashion Designs

Who couldn't use another pair of trendy jeans? The fashion designers and brands are constantly thinking about a smashing design idea.  That said, does it always work...not likely. Here are xxx of the supposed latest trends in Jeans.  How do you see slashed jeans, boot-cut or fringe?

New Fashion Designs | Trends | Your Personal Fashion Brand

There will always be new fashion designs and styles to chose from.  Women's clothing is most certainly big, big business.  Designers work to produce new and astounding designs and compete with other designers and brands.  The creativity is phenomenal. a particular design or garment phenomenal for you?


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