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2018 Women's Fashion Trends Tips

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2018 Fashion Trends Review

The 2018 fashion styles, designs and potential trends for women's clothing is turning to spring summer wardrobes

There are many exciting things in women's fashions for this year that it can be over-whelming to determine what you need and what to heed.

The designs involve color preferences, patterns, geometric designs and styles for every budget and every occasion.  It can be a challenge to decide what will wokr for your wardrobe and for you personal fashion style.

In this article you will have a chance to see the over-all direction of the major women's fashion trends including the take from New YOrk fashion week and the Milan 2018 fashion runway. You will then find some tips on how to approach your women's clothing purchases for 2018.

Highlights for 2018 Women's Fashions

There are a number of new and surprising styles and designs for 2018.  Here are some of the major ideas and surprises in fashion.

* Calvin Klein's use of "synthetic rubber" for dresses and tops. The use of "Nutrile Rubber" which is derived from a family of polymers normally used by manufacturers to makes hoses, seals and protective gloves.  Here is an example of this look.

* Geometric patterns in all manner of women's garments including dresses and active wear such as leggings and yoga pants.

* Patterns such as florals are in for spring summer 2018

* The use of "ruching in fashion" designs.  The term "ruching" refers to an age old sewing technique whereby a strip of rubber can be drawn together in strips that form "scallops or petals".  The traditional use in women's clothing has been wide and versatile to create an "embellishment in designs for dress necklines, the sleeves for dresses.

* The evolution of Active wear into a style describes as "athleisure" which implies the use of gym, yoga and leggings styles with tops and jackets to allow for regular daily activities beyond just exercising.

* Necklines are being styled in "Asymmetrical" designs which creates an somewhat out of balance look that adds style and flair and dresses designed with "puff sleeves>'

 2018 Fashion Shows for Women's Clothing

With these highlights in mind, let's check into what the New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion week promoted from major brands and designers.

New York Fashion Week Review

Let's take a look at several notable design trends from the New York Fashion week extravaganza.  There are several that stand out and may have some impact on what women will purchase for 2018 spring summer.

*  Transparencies

* Colors in the pastels particularly lavender with these hues often fully saturated (intense and pure).

* High Fashion Jeans

* Mixed Prints

A Look at the Milan Fashion Week

The Milan fashion week brought out interesting and sometimes compelling styls for the week in Italy.  According to Harper's Bazaar, the important looks were from "Gucci, Prada, Fendi and surprise.

Highlights showed dresses, coats and tops in a wide array of floral patterns. Formal and everyday dresses with "puff" sleeves.  That shiny rubber material in coats and drresses and highly stylaized necklines.  The uses of patterns that were mixed in different and contrasting combinations were evident and the same with floral prints. 

We put together a gallery of these types of designs showing similar styles.

[images canva]

To see the full range of what Milan had to offer go to The Best Runway Looks at Milan Fashion Week Fall 2018 at Harpers Bazaar and immerse yourself in 95 images.

Tips for How to Consider the 2018 Fashion Trends for Your Personal Brand (PFB)

When considering how all this high fashion will impact your women's clothing purchases, if at all, we suggest the following tips to help you work through the Maze of options.

1. The fashion trend toward lavender and pastels in more a function of your personal fashion brand and the color wheel.  Certainly pastels have a broad application, particularly in the "intensity" of the pastel hues that were shown. Best to stick to your PFB Color Wheel and make sure a particular pastel fits.

2. Many women may have a need for higher fashion in their professional and personal life but if you consider the trends of using Calvin Klein's use of "synthetic rubber" for dresses and tops you need to consider a couple of things. Do you have a need for a fashion dress and would the use of rubber in a garment provide a positive addition to your wardrobe. Transparent garment styles are a cutting edge fashion trend for 2018 but where will you wear it? These styles require some thought to your needs, your PFB and to your figure.  Not all women would feel good wearing such designs, so be true to yourself.

3. The designs using patterns, florals and geometric styles provide much wider appeal and options.  If you workout or participate in Yoga, the latest geometric styles can add real fun and flair.  The great news for active wear is the "athleisure" look which allows you to use yoga outfits and leggings for a number of occasions, not just at the gym. In dresses and tops, florals are very appropriate for the 2018 spring and summer garments.  You can be creative here but for everyday use, make sure your selection is something you can wear  for occasions all season.

4. The "asymmetrical" necklines in dresses and tops as well as the "puff sleeves" designs are about personal preference as well as a style fit for your PFB.  These looks are stylish, fashionable and attention getters for your fashion statement.  It is about need, occasion and fit for who you are.

The 2018 fashion trends and designs offer almost unlimited possibilities. If you start with the needs of your wardrobe for personal or professional use and then see everything through the lens of your personal fashion brand, you stand a great chance of fashion success. Please check out our latest trends at Stylz Fashion Shop Trends.


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