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2018 Women's Summer Fashion Review

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Seven Women's Summer Fashion Trends for 2018

The latest trends in women's clothing for the summer point to women's dresses and the newest designs for 2018. Here we will cover

Sheer Skirts

Natuarl Fibers

The Black Dress

Dress Colors in Lavender 

Side Split Designs

Dresses for Travel

Women's Sheer Skirts

The fashion shows and designers in 2018 are showing  the sheer skirt and dress.  This is a stylish look with maximum versatility.

In a recent article from The Trend Spotter they discussed:

"The street style stars of European fashion weeks have made a pretty strong case for sheer skirts. We know this can be a somewhat challenging trend, but when its done right, it elevates any look from basic to très chic." See more at Trend Spotter

In 2018 you will see the sheer skirts and dresses in a variety of styles.  Some designs lean to the more sexy look and more with the use of sheer skirts as a cover for any number of looks including; pants, body suits, tight skirts, cropped trousers or jeans and even shorts and undergarments.

Image Source: AliExpress

Some of these designs are a bit "risque" for many women but again the variety provides options.  You will be able to match your personal fashion brand (PFB) with ideas such as shorts, a louse blouse of tee.


It will not surprise you that the movement toward natuatl fibers continues to grow.  We are seeing more styles coming out that are into the green movement. You will find a lot being writen and promoted with natural fibers.  This is becoming more of a focus and discussion among those interested in our environment.

We found intersting ideas at Peruvian Connection 

"The new luxe is built on natural fibers"

One potential advantage is functionality.  A quality women's clothing garment from natural fibers can lend themselves to travel.  The right design can be a lighter weight with comfort and style to show for it.

The common description for using natural fibers is "eco-friendly".  We found this clear definition of "eco-friendly" at Home Guide-notebook

    "This term most commonly refers to products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy.  This term most commonly refers to products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy. Eco-friendly products also prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution. You can engage in eco-friendly habits or practices by being more conscious of how you use resources."

This idea of being eco-friendly is becoming important to many today.  According to The Cut (source:

"The fashion industry can be shockingly wasteful and unethical. According to Business of Fashion, fashion is one of the most polluting industries, second only to oil. A study done by Dame Ellen MacArthur’s foundation in November revealed that the fashion industry produces more carbon emissions than international flights. 

The use of eco-friendly natural fiber in women's fashion design will be slow to develop at first.  It is easy to understand the reluctance of the designer fashion industry to jump on bnoard. The choice of natural fabric materials is still limited and there may be a "stigma" attached to the use of natural fibers.

One drawback for some natural fiber is cost.  It is also the "price" we pay for being eco-friendly today.

Let's review several natural fibers being used successfully in women's clothing fashion

But my biggest worry was whether I’d be able to find stuff I liked on a budget. Unfortunately, higher price points are just a fact when shopping sustainably (it’s the cost of doing business in an ethical way), but you can find plenty of good pieces around $100"


Bamboo is renowned for being one of the most eco-friendly materials on the market. It is a fast-growing grass which can be harvested after 2 or 3 years, doesn’t need to be replanted, improves the soil quality, and can be grown without fertilisers or pesticides. The fabric bamboo grass produces is soft, therefore perfect for baby clothing, bed linen, and towels. It is also moisture absorbent, hypoallergenic, and anti-bacterial.

>>>Source: AliExpress eco dresses

   HEMP as a Fabric for Eco-Friendly designs

Similar to bamboo as a natural fiber for clothing, Hemp is a very green product for our environment.  Hemp has a number of natural advantages for growing such as a crop that has a "high'yield" quotient and can been grow without chemical damage to the soil and environment.  One of the advantages for clothing is the fibers of the Hemp plant are very strong and durable.

There will be continued growth in exploring and utilizing Hemp in fashion styles and designs.


We traditionally think of cotten as a natural fiber in our clothing that implies it being "eco-friendly."

This may not be the case and if you do a little Google Search on the subject you will be surprised.  In many cases the cotton fabric is actually derived from "chemical-laden crops" depending on where the cotton is grown.  Big cotton farms are subject to the use of insecticides, which may be more of an issue for those who farm and work the farms.

You need to check the origin and eco-friendly nature of a cotton garment.

That said, we have a significant production for organic cotton.  This type of cotton is grown without using chemicals or GMOs.  The downside for designers and manufacturers is the "labor-intensive" production.  You can check this because it "should be labeled as fair-trade to ensure workers aren’t being exploited." 

Dresses for 2018 Fashion are showing Two strong Color Trends


It may not surprise but the old stand by black dress is a strong look for women's fashion this year.  Always a statement style with glamorous simplicity, it is showing everywhere.

We have added the Black Dress to our Stylz Fashion Store in Dresses.


There are various views on 2018 color trend in fashion, Lavender and "Ultra Violet" (e.g. Pantone prediction).

Our research into the designs, styles and trends shows that lavender has a big play in dresses, tops, pants, athletic name it.


Look at the Runway shows, women's clothing magazines, fashion stores, you name it, and you will find the "side split" dresses.

The reason?  The side split designs are fashionable, sexy, and absolutely versatile.  You will find side-split dresses, skirts.  2018 is about a fashionable amout of skin with the side split.


Summer 2018 will bring travel for business and leisure.  Selecting the best garments for both style for the occasion and the ability to travel is an important element of a successful plan. 

"When the climate allows, a casual dress and jacket is go-to uniform for travel. You can move freely, and once you arrive, you won’t need to spend extra time at your hotel changing into a cute outfit. Read more at Travel and Leisure

Here are the four  things to keep top of mind when selecting your travel ward robe .

  1. Comfort to wear during travel. Long trips in planes, trains and automobiles will require it.

  2. While comfort is important, the travel garments you take and pack are just as significant. Can you fold it, stuff it and smush it? Thin "wrinkle resistant" 

  3. Design and style come into the travel plan.  If your garments are too tight, not a "breathing" type fabrics, colors too dark, you may end up with regrets.

  4. Versatility is paramount. Women's garments that are loose, work with various other looks and accessories and morph into different styles are top choices.

Here is a proven standy for travel success...the jacket or blazer.  It is the mix & match Queen!


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