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Top 7 Women's Fashion Mistakes to Avoid

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Fashion Mistakes Made By Women Today and What to Avoid

Women's fashions and the wardrobe decisions made should be fun, inspiring, affordable and suitable for your Personal Fashion Brand (PFB).  Unfortunately, many times with most women it falls short. 

Here we cover the 7 most common mistakes when selecting and wearing women's fashions.

1. The first relates to the PFB (personal fashion brand).  To start we find that most women don't really have a defined PFB.  Your brand for women's clothing is an important extension of your "personal brand".  This is the deliberate and defined road map you create for your life's journey.  Your PFB defines who you are related to what you wear, when you wear it it and why you wear it.  There are xx main elements of your PFB;

What personal do you want to present to the world.  Not what you think the world wants but definitely what you want people to see and perceive.

What are the life situations you regularly dress for such as everyday casual, work related, social situations, special events, etc.

Your PFB will define your fashion color palette, style preferences, image considerations, 

Take the time to initiate a description of your PFB.  For more info at Stylz Fashions read Personal Fashion Brand 

2. Limiting Your Fashion Choices

People often limit their fashion choices. If you have fallen into the trap of thinking that things such as your Age, size, or what other people think you should wear...we,, stop it!  Today's women's fashions designs and styles offer a gigantic set of choices and your shopping and selections should be fun and exciting.  Be yourself. Don't fall into self-limiting behavior and by all means express that unique you ad defined in your PFB

3. Don't let the latest fashions intimidate you. We often hear that women watch the latest fashion runway shows, view advertising on TV and in women's clothing fashion magazines and are intimidated or put-off by the styles and how perfect the models or celebrities look.  Of course they do...that is their job.  Use you defined PFB to determine what you need for your wardrobe and then explore in stores and online for fashions that fit you. You are the model for your PFB line of clothing. Making the right choices for your PFB will get you much closer to being the best you and expressing your own views.

4. Being influenced by the wrong choices for fashion.  Similar to #3, it is easy to get bad advise of be influenced by fashion trends and the celebrity influencers.  Brands are very adept at selling their idea of fashion. You are you and with a well thought out PFB you can shop freely to find what really works for you.  Be your own fashion adviser.

5. Wearing clothing fashions that are "too big for you." There is way too much of this problem today.  Whether it is because you have gained some weight or feel you need to hide some aspect of your figure, buying clothes that are too big is not the right direction.  We understand the need for this for any number of reasons...but, you still need to style for a silhouette.  You need to show some shape for any out fit to be more becoming.

6. Thinking more skin is being sexier. Big a bit mysterious with how much skin you show. Women who really know how to present themselves in an interesting and appropriately sexy and alluring way know theat "more is less".  Learn to show a hint of skin...a bit of sexy.  Use what we call fashion curiosity to create intrigue, interest.  I t can make you oh so interesting.

Take the 2018 fashion trend of the slit skirt.  This is a perfect example of a trendy fashion look that almost all women can wear and provide the perfect balance of appropriateness and sexiness...make people want to know more about you.  Take a look at this gallery of how the slit skirt can work.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                image Source:

7. Color mistake are too easy to Make.  Even where you have defined your PFB and thoughtfully selected your fashion color palette, the lure of advertising and what the celebs are wearing can lead you astray.  For example, in 2108 the hot color trend is lavender.  Now lavender is a beautiful pastel with many hes and variations...but in the core color it may not be right for your palette.

If you find yourself needing an outfit and considering the "lavender trend"  take a breath and do two things.

First, look at your PFB color palette and see if lavender is even in or close to your colors.  If it does not appear to be much in your pallet, then go to xxx and pull up the lavender color pallet and see what variations or complimentary colors might be acceptable in your color palette.  If not, then find a color for you out fit of choice that really makes you look amazing.  It is better to be in a color that is right for you than one that is "trendy" but not becoming to your look and feel.

You can easily use the My Color Space color generator.  Just locate your target color (lavender in this example) then click Generate.  You will see a wide variety of colors that might compliment you and lavender as well.

There are other important fashion mistakes; Shopping in the same place all the time, the Mid-calf cropped pant, poorly fitting underwear and ignoring the small details (including accessories) go to this video by The Style Insider 

You can easily avoid these fashion mistakes by taking the time to define your PFB and then by really being yourself. When you make thoughtful choices, based predominantly on how you have defined your fashion needs and styles, you will build a fantastic and affordable wardrobe that represents the future you... that is what the world needs to see and what you need to present.  Stay tuned to latest women's fashions at the Stylz Fashion Shop Blog

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