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Avoidable Women's Fashion Mistakes [Infographic]

2018-08-08 15:40:55 0 By: System Times Read: 390

6 Avoidable Women's Fashion Mistakes

Among the possible fashion mistakes women can make there are 6 that stand out in a number of situations.  Our infographic gives you an solid overview.

A Common Fashion Mistake Theme

Among the possible fashion mistakes is a common theme...chasing the latest trends instead of defining your own personal fashion brand (PFB).

Things like color, style, specific designs are easy to focus on when you have already pre-defined theme in your PFB.  We covered some of this in a previous article >>>Personal Fashion Brand  

So much in fashion and in life surrounds defining who you are and who you want to be.  Once you have thoughtful focus on this "personal brand", your choices are more accurate and your mistakes mitigated. At Stylz Fashion we believe in the strength of building your own personal brand.

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